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Erectile Dysfunction

One Visit. Same Day Results for Your Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

No one is exactly like you. But if you’re suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, there’s no reason to feel alone. Millions of men have occasional or persistent symptoms achieving and/or maintaining an erection. The best approach to curing ED is to bring in a team: Jason M. Donovan RPA-C and the experts at Vitalize Medical Center. Our physicians and therapists specialize in multiple disciplines: pharmacology, endocrinology, and more. Even if you have other medical problems or are on medications, they can design a regimen that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Treatment As Unique As You Are

Treatment programs are as individual as you are and can range from creams to sublingual, to injection therapies. A physician specializing in male concerns will carefully test, diagnose, and monitor a program created specifically for you that can produce results that very same day.

ED is very common and can stem from many different sources: a past history of high blood pressure, diabetes, alcohol or drug abuse, stroke, prostate challenges, or any number of other medical issues.

At Vitalize, our medical experts carefully test your body chemistry to design a treatment plan based on your physical make up. It’s safe, proven, and FDA approved.

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